The Searchers’ Guild | NPCs

The Searchers’ Guild | NPCs

By Hana the Lorekeeper

Need a quick NPC you can drag and drop into your RPG? Whether your players wandered off the beaten path again, or you're just fleshing out a town, these unique and interesting NPCs can help!

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Merchants of the Market: The Searchers’ Guild

When the characters step into a new market, they will find many merchants and artisans hawking their wares for anyone they can draw in. Among these merchants is the Searchers’ Guild, a coalition of merchants adept at providing rare services and goods.

Aaron Mendoza

Male half-elf (commoner), neutral good

Description. Dressed in fine clothes that are enchanted to be suitable for any temperature, Aaron Mendoza, founder of Liquid Luck, walks with confidence. This middle-aged elven man secretly dyes his brown hair to conceal any grey streaks and is mildly concerned about how well he’ll age. Although reasonably patient, Aaron does not handle highly stressful situations well and ends those days with a bottle of fine wine. His half-elf daughters, Joy and Lara, are the lights of his life, and he has an easy comradery with the other members of the Searchers’ Guild. His favorite drinks are wine and wine-based mixtures.

Occupation. Aaron is a merchant adept at procuring wines and other fine spirits. He has a reputation for never dealing in drinks worth less than their weight in gold and does not cheat buyers out of their purchase. Aaron is in an intense rivalry with a fellow wine merchant named Zachk Goodfellow, a stubborn gnome who claims that Aaron’s goods are “basically troll snot.”

Secret. As a person who appreciates fine drinks, Aaron tends to sample any drinks that cross his table. This unhealthy habit has severely damaged his liver, and his doctor has warned him numerous times that he must slow down or risk an early death.

Davis Re’gela

Female human (noble), lawful good

Description. An older human woman in her mid-50s, Davis Re’gela, was the youngest daughter of the local lord before he passed away, and the title fell to her eldest sister. Her black hair is almost entirely silver, and her storm blue eyes are sharp behind her silver frame glasses. Although those unfamiliar with Davis see her as harsh and unfeeling, she is devoted to her work. Though few age spots and wrinkles reveal her actual age, her hands are wrinkled and gnarled from a life of using them, though her handwriting is as beautiful today as it was 40 years ago. Her husband passed away several years ago, leaving her without children, though Davis enjoys the company of her many nieces and nephews. Her drink of choice is beer.

Occupation. With no chance of inheriting her father’s title, Davis took up writing and reading as her main hobbies, eventually turning her beautiful penmanship into a way to make a living. For over four decades, she served the town as their chief scribe, transcribing books, writing marriage and business certificates, and penning intertown letters. Her company, Silver Quill Scribes (commonly abbreviated as SQS), locates rare and unusual manuscripts. Davis is one of the leaders of the Searchers’ Guild and has the respect (true or begrudging) of all the members.

Secret. With her retirement drawing near, Davis knows she must select a successor to take over her business. However, she worries that her jealous apprentices would rather destroy her life’s work than honor the selection of one of the others.

Manuela Tufgut (Bolt)

Female half-orc (spy), lawful neutral

Description. A muscular orcish woman with stubble growing on her chin and cheeks, Manuela is often seen carrying a leather binder that contains necessary paperwork for whatever project she is working on. Despite her rugged appearance, Manuela is surprisingly dexterous, has a sharp eye for details, and has a charm that helps put people at ease. She prefers to wear a blouse and trousers, which offer more freedom of movement than a dress. After a nasty run-in with some local gangsters, she obtained permission from the town guard to openly carry a shortsword on her person, an action her family supports. She loves her husband, a man named Anderson, and their three adopted children. Her preferred drink is rum.

Occupation. Manuela serves as the record keeper for the Searchers’ Guild, tracking shipments, managing security, and ensuring dues are promptly paid. It is a rather dull and thankless job, but an essential one that Manuela performs with the understanding that it must be done for the business to proceed as usual. Guild members know to be wary when Manuela approaches without being scheduled, for she rarely brings good news.

Secret. Going by the codename Bolt, Manuela is secretly a member of the town’s shadow organization that roots out foreign spies, rioters, and dens of trouble. This organization answers solely to the town’s ruler (or rulers, if a council rules the city), and only the organization’s operator knows the identity of all members. Should Manuela’s association be revealed, her very life and the life of her family would be in danger.

Antonia (Tori) Rivurgrass-Lapistaff

Female dwarf (mage), chaotic good

Description. The youngest Rivurgrass twin, Antonia (better known as Tori), is an adept spellcaster despite her young age of 100 years. Although she appears to be the size of an average dwarven woman, Tori is rather slim, though you wouldn’t be able to tell through the heavy layers of robes she wears. A golden hairband holds her heavy brown braid away from her face. Currently married to a dwarven man named Rorak Lapistaff, the pair have a young daughter called Amber, who just celebrated her 16th birthday. Her drink of choice is whiskey.

Occupation. Having apprenticed under a powerful spellcaster during her teenage years to her mid-20s, Tori is adept at dealing with arcane matters. Her primary source of income is crafting charms and amulets for the local population, though the spell scrolls she writes for adventurers provide a healthy boost to her revenue. With a sharp mind and strong connections, Tori is also the linchpin of the local gossip mill. If anyone knows anything about what’s going on around town, it’s her.

Secret. Tori is an adept spellcaster, partially due to a magic item she stole from her master. The hairband that holds her hair away from her face is a headband of intellect. Tori discovered it while cleaning an old storage shed for her master and never informed him of her discovery. She doubts he ever became aware of her theft.

Antonio (Anthony) Rivurgrass

Male dwarf (scout), neutral good

Description. Originally from a mountain-based clan of dwarves, Antonio and Antonia’s parents left the clan after a disagreement with the ruling family and renamed themselves “Rivurgrass.” Unlike his little sister, Antonio (better known as Anthony) never had any ambitions of arcane magic or glorious gold like his sister. Instead, he wanted an easy life with work that could help serve the people around him. A dwarven man of average height and weight, Antonio never had much luck growing out a full beard (much to his dismay). He laughs loudly and loves to make jest of horrible situations. He is currently married to a human woman named Tavaren and is the stepfather to her son Ludran. His drink of choice is ale or vodka, depending on the weather.

Occupation. When you need a letter delivered to a far-off town, a passive-aggressive note given anonymously to a rival, or want to have a sending message sent, you go to Rivurgrass Runners, the small company Anthony inherited from his father. Most of the employees either worked under Anthony’s father or knew him, and they appreciate Anthony’s relaxed management style compared to his father’s strict enforcement of rules.

Secret. Despite his easygoing nature, Anthony harbors an intense hatred of Tavaren’s ex-husband, a philandering bard who married her for a few months and then left town, ruining Tavaren’s reputation. He has sworn never to do business with the man and will break his face should the bard dare come into town again.

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