The Big Ruleset Bundle

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The Big Ruleset Bundle


This bundle contains the following 5e-compatible rulesets:

  • Warfare: Mass Combat and Sieges Ruleset
  • Navigating the Hexes: A Game Master's Guide to Hex Crawls
  • Point of Interest System
  • Reimagining the Bounty of the Land: Crafting with Plants and Creatures
  • Poison Explored: Finding and Creating Poison
  • Accused Arcanum: A Practical Guide to Hexes and Curses
  • Tamed Companions: Animal Sidekicks
  • How's the Weather?
  • Revised Carrying Capacity
  • Lingering Injury System

These light-weight rulesets for the fifth edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game provide expanded mechanisms for game masters and players to use in their games.

Warfare: Mass Combat & Sieges

  • Guidelines for running mass combat and sieges narratively,
  • Rules for running mass combat and sieges mechanically.
  • Unit stat blocks for City Defenders, Goblinoid Raiders, Forest Wardens, and Undead Horde.

Navigating the Hexes: A Game Master's Guide to Hex Crawls

  • Guidelines for when a game master should consider running a hex crawl.
  • Guidelines for creating and setting up a hex crawl in advance of a game session.
  • Guidelines for running the hex crawl at a game session.
  • For a ready-to-run hex crawl, check out Lair Magazine #27, Endeavors & Exploration.

Point of Interest System

  • Introduction and distinction between points of interest (POI) and a hex crawl.
  • How to design a point of interest, including format, types, creatures, and discoveries.
  • Where to place POIs and how to run them at your game table
  • Six sample POIs: Forest of Apparition, Untamed Lands, Dead God's Rest, The Floating Spire, Lycan Village, and Wild Magic

Reimagining the Bounty of the Land: Crafting with Plants and Creature

  • Rules for foraging for and harvesting plants.
  • Rules for hunting creatures and harvesting their organs and body parts.
  • Rules for crafting creature parts and plants into magic items.
  • Sample crafting tables.
  • Rules for selling the bounty.

Poison Explored: Finding and Creating Poison

  • Rules for locating poisonous components.
  • Rules for Quick Poison Crafting and Downtime Poison Crafting.
  • Sample poisonous plants and creatures.
  • Optional variant rule: administering poisons.
  • Optional variant rule: immunity scores.
  • Optional feat: poison master.

Accused Arcanum: A Practical Guide to Hexes and Curses

  • Expanded curse rules that include hexes, basic curses, intermediate curses, advances curses, and true curses.
  • Guidelines for creating new curses.
  • Sample curses: The Tongue of the Snake, The Curse of Repetition, Accursed Casting, and Curse of the Soul.

Tamed Companions: Animal Sidekicks

  • Rules for taming a creature.
  • Rules for leveling up a tamed companion.
  • Three companion classes to customize animal sidekicks: combat companions, mount companions, and social companions.

How's the Weather?

  • Types of weather, climate, and other environmental factors
  • Tables for determining weather, considering the affects of climate, season, and relative humidity

Revised Carrying Capacity

  • Streamlined system for tracking carrying capacity and encumbrance.

Lingering Injury System

  • Ruleset for mechanical consequences when a character drops to zero hit points.

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