Adventure Bundle #3

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Adventure Bundle #3


This digital product contains ten 5e-compatible adventures designed for groups ranging level 7 to 20.

Game System. 5th edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game

Resource Type. Adventure

Level. Groups level 7 to 20

Features. Read-aloud text, digital maps, minimal pre-game prep, easy to reference during the game

Each Adventure Includes:

  • PDF of the adventure
  • Gridded VTT Maps  - Low-Res and High-Res JPGs
  • Gridless VTT Maps - Low-Res and High-Res JPGs

The Adventures 

Clash of Vestiges (level 7)

We often seek to find some sort of light and believe there is good somewhere in every situation, but sometimes life has a funny way of showing us just how sinister it can be. Sometimes, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, no silver lining, and no bright side. In this adventure, the characters will find themselves in a web weaved so thick of lies and manipulation that they must make a moral decision, and the lives of many individuals rest in their hands.

What Greed Hath Wrought (level 9)

Pain, destruction, grief… These are the seeds left to sprout by greed. Deep beneath the lapping waves of the sea, this heartache is felt by an innocent few who wish only to be left to their own devices. Their lives are mere inches from death at the hands of a wild gang of seafaring bandits, and they will soon tip over the edge if help doesn’t arrive quickly.

The Retribution of the Drow (level 10)

Not long ago, a group of adventurers freed a sect of goodly aligned drow from the dangers of an aboleth. Now that same sect faces a new foe that remains closer to home. In the cloak and dagger of the shadows, battle lines have been drawn. Now it is up to a group of adventurers to decide how the battle shall unfold.

The Water Dragon (level 11)

A green dragon has been spreading terror through the region, and now it has kidnapped the Duchess of Waldenswill! But there is more at play than it first may seem. A young aboleth has begun to spread its influence across the region: Is it already too late to stop them? Can the Duchess be saved? Is it really that difficult to fight underwater?

A Would Be God's Revenge (level 12)

A group of adventures managed to defeat the would-be god Eludium. He fled the battle in his enfeebled state, having been handed a resounding defeat. However, he swore to himself that he would have his revenge. Will this new group of adventurers be able to stop him a second time, or will Eludium rise once again?

Hellish Prison Blues (level 13)

The planar balance has begun to shift as the lords of the Hells have discovered a new weapon to use against their enemies. Refined within a dark, buried prison, this weapon comes from a most unnerving source: mortals. As their contracts come due, more and more people have begun to disappear, and the devils only grow stronger. Now it is up to an intrepid band of adventurers to investigate the disappearances, stroll into the Hells, and stop this madness before it goes too far. Will they be heroes of freedom or end up soulless prisoners like the rest?

The Festival of Remembrance (level 14)

The quiet town of Banquise flickers like a wavering candle in the frozen Clearwater Peaks. Every year, to stave off the cold and keep it from creeping into their hearts, the village's inhabitants organize a colorful and warm day of merriment and entertainment. They call it the Festival of Remembrance. On this day, they participate in games, contests, mulled wine, and songs, coming together to celebrate the fateful incident that changed their town forever. Offerings are laid before a statue of a winged warrior to commemorate their bravery. But what event triggered these annual festivities? Who is the warrior depicted in the sculpture? None of the villagers seem to remember.

Infernal Burden (level 15)

Some will go to unimaginable lengths for power, wealth, or even just public praise. When a power-hungry man chooses the growth of his city over the lives of thousands, his true colors were revealed to the one person he made the mistake of trusting. Now, he’s gone missing, and the race is on to save not only him but those he let down along the way.

Into the Forge's Fire (level 16)

A prominent cult has seized control of the Ventos Forge silver mine near the village Tabrier, summoning powerful elementals to bolster their power. However, the evil organization’s plans came to naught upon the arrival of an efreeti intent on destroying the elementals and their summoners. A frantic battle was waged, resulting in the efreeti and cultists dying and the elementals running rampant in the mine. All who enter are in danger of being burned alive, and the villagers of Tabrier have closed the mine for their protection. With the valuable silver within the mine unreachable, the community is desperate to find capable adventurers who can restore the peace and save the village’s livelihood!

The Lich Who Would Become a God (level 20)

Power has an interesting allure to it. Some fear what they might do with it, and then some crave it. When one being amasses so much power that his might begins to eclipse the gods, only a group of adventurers can stop what is sure to become ultimate destruction. That is, assuming they can survive the horrors within…

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