The Secret Art of Game Mastery

The Secret Art of Game Mastery - Coming soon to Kickstarter

Decades of GM Experience in One Book!

The Secret Art of Game Mastery will soon be coming to Kickstarter. We have taken our accumulated knowledge from many years of actually running tabletop games and finally put it into print. We're not writing about strange hypotheticals that have never happened, just practical advice from real-world experience. No matter what setting, what genre, or even what game systems you enjoy, this book is designed for you. 250+ pages of expertly crafted game master advice in an easy-to-read format will be yours!

What's more, we've been working on this book for a while. It's already done being written. We're at the last stages of production and expect the book to be ready to go to print sometime in May. Why does that matter? Well, in short, we're planning to get this book to you FAST. How fast? The goal is to have the book in your hands just a couple of MONTHS after the Kickstarter closes.

Click here to get notified when the Secret Art of Game Mastery launches. In addition, we will once again be making our previous Kickstarters, Lairs & Legends and Into the Fey, available in hardcover as add-ons. What's more, early backers will be able to get a discount on our ultra-premium, limited edition, leather-bound copy that we are offering as part of the Kickstarter.

Follow the Secret Art of Game Mastery Kickstarter to get notified when it goes live -- don't miss the early-bird discounts: The Secret Art of Game Mastery

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