Conquest & Champions - Lair Magazine #28, April 2023 Issue

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Conquest & Champions - Lair Magazine #28, April 2023 Issue


This 55-page digital product contains the following 5e-compatible game master resources: puzzles, magic items, villains, spellcaster templates, and two adventures.

Mysterious Music | Puzzles - Five puzzles to provide players with new challenges to overcome: Four Bells, Hall of Dissonance, Hard Audience, It Goes Like This, and The Last Tavern Band. Read-a-loud text, features, solution, hint checks, and customization options are included.

Monster Transformations: Spellcasters | Templates - These ten enhancement templates can be applied to the stat block of a standard creature to create a spellcasting variant! Arcane spellcasters: Earth Mage, Fire Mage, Ice Mage, and Wind Mage. Divine spellcasters: Holy Divine, Desecrated Divine, and Divine Warrior. Inherited Spellcasters: Pact Servant, Birthright Caster, and Psionic Caster. Eight new custom spells are included as well.

Zula's Seasonal Treasures | Magic Items - Ten new magic items ranging from uncommon to legendary: Arevola Oil, Basket of Delights, Blumgait Boots, Leafguard Armor, Ring of Falling Darkness, Sickle of Summer's End, Wand of Cambir, Wardcloth of the Seasons, Coldrath the Giant-Breaker, and Cloak of Winter's Rebuke.

The Ambitious and the Deluded | Villains - Ten devious villains for players to challenge and (hopefully) defeat: Percival the Stitcher, Chief Vighandel, Krafuru the Colorful, Duchess, The Puppet, Laverna, Darrius the Impetuous, Sir Morgan, Inquisitor Illwren, and Magnus the Pack Lord. Six new stat blocks included!

The Astral Pool - This level-16 fifth-edition adventure includes read-a-loud text, encounter notes, and digital maps. It is designed to require minimal pre-game prep and be easy to reference during the game.
An outpost drifts by the crossroads of the planes. Some are here for a purpose, searching for a way to escape from the endless world of shimmering mist; others see the mist as penance for their sins. The souls at the outpost have gathered for protection, comfort, and companionship. But the storm is coming.

The Great Stone Prison - This level-17 fifth-edition adventure includes read-a-loud text, encounter notes, and digital maps. It is designed to require minimal pre-game prep and be easy to reference during the game.
When things are hidden away beneath the earth, it is only natural that the curious will go hunting for them. And while curiosity may have killed the cat… this time, the curious just may have killed everyone.

Digital Files You Get

  • Full-Color PDF and Print-Friendly PDF
  • Image files for all maps, both GM and player versions

This is a 100% digital product. After purchase, you'll receive an email with a link where you can download the files.

About Lair Magazine

Lair Magazine is a monthly 100% fifth-edition-compatible publication full of GM resources such as 5e adventures, digital maps, traps, puzzles, monsters, encounters, magic items, and more. If you'd like to get a new issue of Lair Magazine every month -- in addition to other bonus content such as Map Packs and more 5e adventures -- become a DM Lair patron here: The DM Lair Patreon

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