Heists & Havoc Foundry Module

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Heists & Havoc Foundry Module

both 5e and PF2e - $9.99
  • both 5e and PF2e - $9.99


Heists & Havoc contains two heist adventures designed for both Pathfinder 2e and the 5th edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game.

  • The Sword of Arcturus - level 1 adventure
  • Deck Retrieval - level 12 adventure

When you purchase the module, you'll receive one Foundry pack that contains the content for both 5e and Pathfinder 2e.

Heists & Havoc for Foundry VTT includes:

  • High-resolution tokens and complete stat blocks for each of the monsters in the adventures.
  • Highly detailed immersive adventure maps for all adventures.
  • Journal entries for the entire contents of each adventure.
  • Scenes pre-configured with walls, lights, tokens already placed for game master convenience when running the adventures.

The Sword of Arcturus - level 1

It can be hard for an investigator to get their hands on the rich and powerful. Sometimes, they’re just too well-protected by their wealth and the “rules.” Unfortunately for them, some investigators don’t play by the rules the wealthy use to protect themselves, and they will take them down with a little help from a few adventurers.

Deck Retrieval - level 12

The Deck of Many Things. It’s an item as terrifying as it is fascinating and something that should never fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, a group of thieves and mercenaries led by a powerful archmage have recently stolen the deck from its place of safekeeping. Now, it’s time to steal it back.

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