Lair Magazine Bundle: Issues 19-21

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Lair Magazine Bundle: Issues 19-21


This digital product bundle contains over 180 pages of professionally made, high-quality game master resources that are 100% compatible with the fifth-edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game.

You'll get issues 19 through 21 of Lair Magazine:

  • Doom & Divinity, July 2022 Issue
  • Opposition & Order, August 2022 Issue
  • Trial & Trust, September 2022 Issue

With all three issues combined, you'll get the following:

New Rule Sets

Infection & Illness: A Treatise on Disease - a disease ruleset that allows GMs to incorporate mild, moderate, and deadly diseases into their campaigns.

5e Adventures with Digital Maps

The Wrath of Koh'Livahr Adventure Arc - This adventure arc consists of three adventures spanning levels 18, 19 and 20. and features the new Ghrecti creatures, lead by their insane overlord and god-figure, Koh'Livahr. With tears in reality appearing across the material plane and the chaos of Limbo leaking into the world, can the adventurers stop Koh'Livahr before he merges Limbo with their world? Includes digital maps for ease of use online.

Word of the Divine - A level-sixteen adventure featuring devas, couatls, planetars, storm giants, and more. Includes digital maps for online play.

Trapped in the Tallest Tower - A level-one adventure featuring a variety of beasts and a lion who has kidnapped his pet princess. Includes digital maps for online play.

It Came from Below... - A level-two fifth-edition adventure.
Nestled in the mountains lies the town of Cohlbridge. Despite the hardships with monsters in the area, the mines have been productive and helped to make Cohlbridge a new and rising place of commerce with plenty of opportunities for newcomers. However, few know of the mines’ dark past, long before it was known as Cohlbridge.

Growing Malice - A level-two fifth-edition adventure.
One tends to expect certain eccentricities when dealing with mages. Whether they are prone to outbursts, seek long periods of solitude, or have developed any number of odd habits, there is an understanding that such things come with studying arcane powers as long as they have. However, one also can’t help but be nervous around them. After all, the study that affected their minds gave them great power, and those with the power to topple kingdoms and end worlds are the ones that seem on the edge of their wit, with the only comfort being their eccentricities follow a pattern. So, when a powerful and highly respected mage disappears to his estate for longer than is his habit, it falls to a party of heroes to track him down and stop him if necessary.

New Monsters

The Ghrecti - The Ghrecti are extraplanar creatures originating from Limbo, the realm of unbridled chaos. These new creatures are designed for mid- to high-level adventures.

A Matter of Faith - Twelve new divine spellcasters and holy warriors ranging from CR 1/8 to CR 15 that you can throw against your players' characters. The Abbot, the Prior of the Undying Flame, the Rural Rector, and more.

Other GM Resources

Arcane Puzzles - Five new puzzles ranging from easy to hard: A Precious Door, The Blinded Find the Way, The Lone Dragon, Elemental Soup, and Fresco Frustration.

Chaotic Encounters with the Ghrecti - These stand-alone encounters featuring the new Ghrecti creatures can be used as part of the Wrath of Koh'Livahr adventure are or dragged and dropped into your existing campaign as random encounters or side quests. Includes digital maps for online play.

Rite & Ruin: Legacy Magic Items - Fifteen "legacy" magic items that unlock additional powers as the characters level up or as story beats unfold.

Transform Your Monsters - Ten templates that you can apply to any creature to create a new type! Clockwork Construct Template, Shadow Touched Template, Abyssal Plagued Template, Fungoid Template, Dark Cursed Template, and more.

Creating a Settlement - This set of guidelines and tables will guide GMs through creating settlements, either randomly, on the fly during gameplay, or deliberately during game prep.

The Beginnings of Grand Deeds - A collection of adventure ideas -- consisting of creatures, premise, and plot hook -- that game masters can use to inspire their own adventure creation.

NPC Creation Random Tables - Tables for creating NPCs, either before a game session or on the fly when your players decide to walk up to random people.

The Gods of the Harrowed Lands - The creation story and a detailing of the major and minor deities of the Harrowed Lands campaign setting.

Digital Files You Get

  • Full-Color PDF and Print-Friendly PDF of each issue
  • Image files for all maps, both GM and player versions, gridded and non-gridded, low-resolution and high-resolution.

This is a 100% digital product. After purchase, you'll receive an email with a link where you can download the files.

    About Lair Magazine

    Lair Magazine is a monthly 100% fifth-edition-compatible publication full of GM resources such as 5e adventures, maps for use on VTTs, traps, puzzles, monsters, encounters, magic items, and more. If you'd like to get a new issue of Lair Magazine every month -- in addition to other bonus content such as Map Packs and more 5e adventures -- become a DM Lair patron here: The DM Lair Patreon

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