Lair Magazine Bundle: Issues 37-39

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Lair Magazine Bundle: Issues 37-39

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This digital product bundle contains nearly 200 pages of professionally made, high-quality game master resources that are 100% 5e and Pathfinder 2e compatible.

You'll get issues 37 through 39 of Lair Magazine:

  • Tundra & Terror, January 2024 Issue
  • Heists & Havoc, February 2024 Issue
  • Marvels & Moonlight, March 2024 Issue

With all three issues combined, you'll get the following:

Tundra & Terror, January 2024 Issue

Creating Magic Items - An article with tips and guidelines for creating the very best homebrew magic items for your game.

Frozen Foes | Monsters - Ten new frigid foes to chill, freeze, and shatter characters with: the chillborn, ice maw, iceforged sentry, iceforged colossus, aurorian hunter, aurorian chieftain, aurorian shaman, shiver shade, frost zombie, iceglass doppelganger, and frostfang.

Frostbitten Encounters - Five encounters, designed for levels 3 to 4, and featuring the new Frozen Foes monsters. Includes digital maps.

Replacements in the Ice Adventure Arc - Three adventures designed to played sequentially, featuring the Frozen Foes monsters, and designed for parties level 3 through 5. The three adventures are detailed below.

An Icy Diversion - Level-3 adventure.
In the far reaches of the Frostbitten Wastes, a new adventure begins. While these adventurers may come from humble beginnings, their tales will eventually be sung by bards across the realms. All they have to do is find an old man in a cave first. However, sinister creatures drawn by the kyaverite deposit below the old man’s cave will make that task easier said than done.

The Return to Frostglen - Level-3 adventure.
Sometimes, adventure just happens. For instance, you might be walking down the road and suddenly come across an attempted murder. And it turns out it occurred because someone fled a military quarantine imposed by the mayor and guards for no reason whatsoever. It does happen. In this case, the only question is what will you do about it?

Breaking Martial Law - Level-4 adventure.
The climax rapidly approaches. Frostglen’s fate hangs in the balance as we reveal the machinations behind the city’s fall—a doppelganger who is replacing the true mayor and mind-controlling the town guard. It’s up to our adventurers, green they may yet be, to save everyone. Only one question remains: What will they discover on the horizon?

Heists & Havoc, February 2024 Issue

Heists Article and Ruleset - This article delves into how to create and run a heist adventure and includes special lightweight heist rules to optimize the experience.

Cyphers, Codes, and Chaos Puzzles - Five chaotic puzzles ranging from easy to hard difficulty.

Three Shades of Trouble - Three villainous groups and nine villains to create mayhem and menace characters with.

Guild Me Up Buttercup - Five guilds complete with NPCs and services that can be dropped into any medieval city or town.

The Sword of Arcturus - Level-1 adventure with digital maps.
It can be hard for an investigator to get their hands on the rich and powerful. Sometimes, they’re just too well-protected by their wealth and the “rules.” Unfortunately for them, some investigators don’t play by the rules the wealthy use to protect themselves, and they will take them down with a little help from a few adventurers.

Deck Retrieval - Level-12 adventure with digital maps.
The Deck of Many Things. It’s an item as terrifying as it is fascinating and something that should never fall into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, a group of thieves and mercenaries led by a powerful archmage have recently stolen the deck from its place of safekeeping. Now, it’s time to steal it back.

Marvels & Moonlight, March 2024 Issue

Dangers on the Mount - Ten hazards-of-the-mountain traps ranging for all levels of play and featuring both simple and complex traps.

Alpine Adversaries | Monsters - Ten new frigid foes to challenge players with: red lichen, krummholz, dire chinchilla, alpine goat, smoke wolf, tundra ghost, summit hiker, summit mountaineer, echo mocker, and altitude elemental.

Alpine Encounters - Five encounters, designed for levels 4 to 5, and featuring the new Alpine Adversaries monsters. Includes digital maps..

The Kyaverite Ascent Adventure Arc - Three adventures designed to played sequentially, featuring the Alpine Adversaries monsters, and designed for parties level 4 through 5. The three adventures are detailed below.

The Kyaverite Cavern - Level-4 adventure.
A cave of mysteries. Missing researchers. And sinister forces. What more could an adventuring party ask for? Oh, yes, how could we forget the pure unbridled chaos of a substance designed to break reality itself.

Treacherous Ascent - Level-5 adventure.
Not every journey up a mountain can be a calm and peaceful experience. Sometimes, it is going to be treacherous, dangerous, and perhaps just a bad idea. There are dangers on the mountain that some people seek, some people fear, but everyone who passes through them must handle.

The Temple of Kyav - Level-5 adventure.
Finally, our heroes have reached the summit of the mountain. They stand before an imposing structure that towers over the world; a structure that contains more mysteries than answers but one that is nevertheless impossibly important to the fate of the world.

Digital Files You Get

  • Full-Color PDF and Print-Friendly PDF of each issue
  • Image files for all maps, both GM and player versions, gridded and non-gridded, low-resolution and high-resolution.

This is a 100% digital product. After purchase, you'll receive an email with a link where you can download the files.

    About Lair Magazine

    Lair Magazine is a monthly publication full of GM resources such as adventures, digital maps, traps, puzzles, monsters, encounters, magic items, and more. Lair Magazine comes in two versions, one for 5e and one for Pathfinder 2.

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