Lair Magazine Bundle: Issues 40-42

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Lair Magazine Bundle: Issues 40-42

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This digital product bundle contains nearly 200 pages of professionally made, high-quality game master resources that are 100% 5e and Pathfinder 2e compatible.

You'll get issues 40 through 42 of Lair Magazine:

  • Fables & Fantasy, April 2024 Issue
  • Desperation & Darkness, May 2024 Issue
  • Society & Splendor, June 2024 Issue

With all three issues combined, you'll get the following:

Fables & Fantasy, April 2024 Issue

Fantastic Campaigns and How to Find Them - This article delves into the topic of high fantasy and how to create compelling high-fantasy campaigns.

Brief Interludes in Magical Worlds - Two short adventures designed for levels 5 and 10: The King's Path and Return of the Hags.

Highly Fantastic Items - Ten magic items ranging from uncommon to artifact: deepskin armor scroll, Drozelmair's quill, fog pipe, hili'ana trident, mirameur staff, nevarob shield, potion of dragon's essence, ring of the gravetouched, shade step boots, and weapon of many forms.

Coins, Cutlass, and Cradlesong Puzzles - Five puzzles ranging in difficulty from easy to hard: the dragon accountant, the wishing "well-evator", words of the sword in the stone, the gordian chain, and hush little baby.

Where the Wicked Rest - Level-2 adventure with digital maps.
The town of Malnor worships its ancestors and seeks their guidance in all things. Sometimes, that guidance comes in the form of punishing criminals. But for one such criminal, their relative is ready to raze the city to the ground to reverse the punishment placed upon them: death by the Heretic’s Crypt. And there may not be anyone who can stop him.

Hungry Hungry Goblins - Level-3 adventure with digital maps.
Goblins are a pain for any city to deal with. They’re little more than pests, but they tend to be pests in large numbers, demanding an excess of resources to keep them in check. Unfortunately, they’re also adaptable, leaving Frostglen with a new problem: ice goblins. Can a group of adventurers clear them out, or will they become a menace to the city?

Desperation & Darkness, May 2024 Issue

Traps in Wonderdark - Ten hazards-of-the-underground traps ranging for all levels of play and featuring both simple and complex traps.

Sounds of the Underground Creatures | Monsters - Ten new underground foes to challenge players with: faerez mushroom, dene'tok, divine goblin, cave dripper, aberration hunter, walking mushroom, shrument, purple wormling, juvenile purple worm, and wish granter.

The Sound of Initiative Rolling Encounters - Five encounters, designed for levels 6 to 7, and featuring the new Sounds of the Undergorund monsters. Includes digital maps.

Entering the Darkness Adventure Arc - Three adventures designed to played sequentially, featuring the Sounds of the Underground monsters, and designed for parties level 6 through 7. The three adventures are detailed below.

The Miasma of Deep Tower Village - Level-6 adventure.
Things sometimes disappear underground. Whether it’s because they are misplaced or simply forgotten for a spell, it happens all the time. However, this doesn’t usually include villages—unless a devastating miasma makes itself at home over it.

Into the Deeper - Level-6 adventure.
The good news is that there is a plan. The bad news is that the plan involves heading even deeper underground into an even more dangerous and foreboding area. Of course, that bad plan can become really easy if you just add a little bit of murder. . .

The Truths of a Madman - Level-7 adventure.
Finally, the Darkness awaits. It’s as dark and dangerous as its name would imply. And yet, for all its dangers, it still isn’t as dangerous as the things that wait in the light.

Society & Splendor, June 2024 Issue

Campaigns of the Past - This article delves into the topic of historical fantasy and how to create compelling historical-fantasy campaigns.

Social Encounters: Making Social Interaction Exciting - Guidelines on running friendly and hostile social interactions; and a social combat system.

Where in the Wild West?! - Five drag-and-drop locales including NPCs set in the Wild West: Ironwill's Stables & Smithy, Los Sols (saloon), Mercadex (market), Sulfac Mines,  and Town Jail.

Connections, Calligraphy, and Cartography Puzzles - Five puzzles ranging in difficulty from easy to hard: The Tetrahedron Box, The Annals of History, Seven Wonders, Pass-Word, and Connections.

The Demon Summoning Mine - Level-1 adventure with digital maps.
The Wild West was always an unpredictable place. With the introduction of the occult, it becomes that much more mysterious and far more dangerous. Criminals like Alexander Smith have taken advantage of the innocent people of the area for far too long, and the authorities no longer care if he’s brought back alive to stand trial.

Wrath of the Mad Solar - Level-18 adventure with digital maps.
What happens when a solar falls from grace? Death and destruction rain down on the innocent people of the world below. What can stop a fallen solar? Usually, nothing. Fortunately, the world finally has heroes who can stand up to the divine. But will they be enough?

Digital Files You Get

  • Full-Color PDF and Print-Friendly PDF of each issue
  • Image files for all maps, both GM and player versions, gridded and non-gridded, low-resolution and high-resolution.

This is a 100% digital product. After purchase, you'll receive an email with a link where you can download the files.

    About Lair Magazine

    Lair Magazine is a monthly publication full of GM resources such as adventures, digital maps, traps, puzzles, monsters, encounters, magic items, and more. Lair Magazine comes in two versions, one for 5e and one for Pathfinder 2.

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