Map Pack Bundle #11

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Map Pack Bundle #11


This map pack bundle contains all 30 maps from Map Packs #31 (Autumn Harvest), Map Pack #32 (Woods), and Map Pack #33 (Deep Woods).

Dungeon Maps
These maps have around 10 rooms or areas each and are designed to be used for entire location-based adventures.

  • Corn Maze Shrine
  • Pumpkin King Palace
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Autumn Farm
  • Satyrs Village
  • Wee Folk Tree
  • Forest Camp
  • The Passage
  • River Forge
  • Fort Sorrow
  • The Breach
  • The Satyr Village

Encounter Maps
These maps detail one unique area each and are designed to be used for single encounters.

  • Herbalist Cabin
  • Barn for Rainy Days
  • Mushroom Supper
  • Farm to Table
  • Ocean Harvest
  • Town Market
  • Fey Secrets
  • Shadows of Man
  • Blue Dream Stream
  • Eastern Forest
  • Forest Ambush
  • The Pond
  • Fallen Tree Path
  • Slow River Lair
  • Forgotten Hill
  • Fairy Ring
  • Small Ruins
  • The Crossing

    Each high-quality map is designed for use on VTTs such as Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds and comes in a JPG or PNG file in each of four versions:

    • 2k low resolution with grid
    • 4k high resolution with grid
    • 2k low resolution without grid
    • 4k high resolution without grid

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