Porpoise of the Multiverse

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Porpoise of the Multiverse


Get the stat blocks from THREE ENTIRE MONSTER BOOKS condensed into one glorious stat block radiating splendor and sparkles: The Porpoise of the Multiverse.

With this amazing product, you get the convenience of spending $50 without the hassle of reading hundreds of monster stat blocks. Here our amazing team of game designers have distilled the essence of all monsters in the multiverse into just one majestic creature: the Porpoise of the Multiverse.

What You Get in This Amazing Digital Product

  • The Porpoise of the Multiverse - 1 new monster

But wait! Before you spend $50 for this spectacular, dazzling creature, did you know that DM Lair patrons get the Porpoise of the Multiverse for free?!? That's right, when you become a DM Lair patron, you'll instantly get access to this creature that will revolutionize how you run tabletop RPGs.

Learn more and become a DM Lair patron here: DM Lair Patron

Seriously, please don't spend $50 on one monster stat block. That's just crazy...

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