Truffle Kerfluffle

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Truffle Kerfluffle


Truffle Kerfluffle is a D&D fifth-edition compatible adventure designed for a party of four to six level 1 characters. It features read-a-loud text for ease of use and maps designed for use on virtual tabletops, such as Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

Adventure Overview 

Deep within a forest, hidden away from even the bright rays of the sun, rests a small village full of burrows known as Dahish. In these burrows live a community of gnomes who worship the forest deity Baervan Wildwanderer. The village’s prominent feature is usually the massive mushroom grove that grows nearby, acting as the gnomes’ supply of food, medicine, trade, and even light. Recently, however, the mushrooms in the grove have begun literally growing legs and walking away, even attacking some of the gnomes in the village and nearby fauna.

Dahish isn’t the only settlement that has been affected by this strange occurrence, though. As it turns out, the lord of a small kingdom that is Dahish’s closest trade relationship has a particular craving for the mushrooms that are supplied by Dahish. With the grove rapidly disappearing, the mushroom trade has been cut off, as the gnomes of Dahish need all they have to survive. Lord Dansworth Ratheem, the lord of the small kingdom, is willing to pay a pretty copper for any issues that are occurring to be resolved, allowing the mushroom trade to be re-opened.

Unbeknownst to either the village of Dahish or Lord Dansworth, White Cap Village, a trufflid settlement that resides not far away, is the root of their troubles. Recently, a few of the trufflids who were out exploring the surrounding area uncovered a relic of the demonic Fungal Queen and brought it back to their village. The relic, once unearthed, began to spread the evil influence of the Fungal Queen throughout the forest. Compelled by the forces within the relic, the trufflids and verdamites that live within the surrounding area have fervently worshipped her since.

As the influence of the Fungal Queen spreads throughout the forest, more and more plants come alive and attack any creatures they come across. The relic must be neutralized or destroyed to end the threat to the forest and the settlements that rely on it.

Files Included
  • Truffle Kerfluffle - PDF
  • Truffle Kerfluffle - Print Friendly PDF
  • VTT Maps with Grid
  • VTT Maps without Grid

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