Warfare & Wizardry - Lair Magazine #23, November 2022 Issue

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Warfare & Wizardry - Lair Magazine #23, November 2022 Issue


This digital product contains the following 5e-compatible game master resources:

Arcanum Incantare | Magic Expansion - Enhance the magic system by adding new optional rules including opposition schools, spell dueling, universal spells, spell preparation options, concentration options, and the feat split focus.

A Watery Grave | Traps - Ten water-themed traps for level 1 to 20 group: Hot Tub Hallway, Hull Breaker, Ice Mine, Tsunami Grate, The Mermaid's Puddle, The Metal Net, Power Geyser, The Sorrowing Stingray, and Swamp of Tentacles.

Weapon Customization System - A system for customizing your weapons by adding attributes to three categories: weapon quality, weapon design, and weapon adornment.

The Bloody Tooth Winery - Level-6 fifth-edition adventure.
The favorite drink of the town of Windvale is a brew called swithop, but this wasn’t the case a year and a half ago. Swithop is a sweet and highly addictive wine produced by the new owner of the Witches of the Woods Winery. For the past year, unknown entities have been luring children into the woods and attacking them, stealing teeth directly from their mouths. After fearful parents kept their children inside, these attacks stopped.  But just a few days ago, a child was stolen from their bed in the middle of the night. These are strange occurrences, and a trip to the Witches of the Woods Winery may reveal a horrible connection between them.

To Save a Silver Dragon - Level-7 fifth-edition adventure.
For years, a silver dragon watched over the city of Whitecrest: Argennax, the Frozen Fang of Winter. The dragon cared for generations of the city’s inhabitants as if they were her own. In exchange for free access to Whitecrest’s illustrious libraries, archives, and museums, Argennax defended the city whenever threats emerged—most notably against a roving band of frost giants that has repeatedly menaced the city. But now, as the bitter winter chill arrives and raiding season draws near, Argennax is nowhere to be found. The people of Whitecrest know the dragon would not have abandoned them willy-nilly—only something of gravest consequence could keep Argennax away. Now, the city’s protector needs heroes of her own.

Ashburgh | Town - A detailed treatment of Ashburgh, a town in the Harrowed Lands setting, expounding upon crime and punishment, commerce, locations, points of interest, market stalls, important NPCs, and more.

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