Warriors of the Fey - EftF Subclasses

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Warriors of the Fey - EftF Subclasses

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  • 5e - $2.99


This 5e compatible resource contains three new playable fey-themed subclasses:

  • Sorcerer: Fey Soul
  • Monk: Way of Fey Magic
  • Paladin: Oath of the Trickster

Resource Type. Character Subclasses

Sorcerer: Fey Soul. The feywild has touched your soul. Its magic courses through your veins, destined to shape your future. Whether you use that power for good or evil, to help or harm, or whatever else may catch your fancy, will be your choice to make; the only certainty is that your destiny is written in the wilds.

Monk: Way of Fey Magic. Monks of the Way of Fey Magic hone their mental and physical prowess by learning to infuse fey magic into their ki. Their practices are as unusual as it gets—even for monks. They are as likely to help as harm as they gradually begin to embody the feywild itself when they infuse their ki. Their monasteries are often secretive and constructed around a color pool to the feywild, leading many to allow their imaginations to run wild when they visualize them.

Paladin: Oath of the Trickster. The Oath of the Trickster is rare for a paladin to take. They swear to the ideals of chaos, whether it’s in the form of necessary change or arbitrary chance. These paladins range from malicious, little better than traitors who would stab you in the back at their first chance, to benevolent agents who seek only to bring life and excitement to the world.

Escape from the Fey. This resource is part of the Escape from the Fey adventure module which will span levels 5 to 12. The adventures and resources are being written in 2024, and then in the future we'll compile them into a physical book.

Escape from the Fey is a continuation of Into the Fey, an adventure module which spans levels 1 to 5.

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