Oddities of the Land | 5e Random Encounter Table for Levels 11-16

Oddities of the Land | 5e Random Encounter Table for Levels 11-16

By Dean Rigdon

Did your 5e players go off in a random direction again? Or maybe you just need a cool 5e encounter to spice up the monotony of travel? 5e random encounters to the rescue!

But not just a mindless list of 5e monsters--that's less than useful. Instead, we present to you a 5e random encounter table WITH CONTEXT that sets up interesting situations.

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Oddities of the Land - Level 11-16 Random Encounter Table

This table is for the odd places of a world; where normal rules cease to apply and where powerful and dangerous creatures thrive.


Description of Table


2 purple worms

A pair of purple worms are engaged in a mating dance. The dance is a ferocious thing and is coming closer and closer to the characters. If the characters fail to get out of the way within 1d4 minutes, the male purple worm attacks the characters to drive them away.


1 vampire, 1d4 vampire spawn

For level 11, there is only 1 vampire spawn, and, at level 12, there are 2. A vampire and their vampire spawn have infiltrated an outpost. The guards posted there have been turned into vampire spawns, and now serve the vampire. The vampire is slowly building up their army of spawn by waylaying any travelers unfortunate enough to be passing by. The vampire assumes the characters are easy pickings but will retreat once below half health.


1 goblin

A pit is dug into the ground, 10 feet down. The bottom of the hole shimmers slightly, and when an object touches the bottom, it is immediately teleported 10 feet up. A goblin is stuck in the portal, screaming shrilly as it falls and gets teleported upwards over and over again.


1 deva, 1 planetar

The deva and planetar stand arguing in celestial; the deva has just delivered a warning message. The planetar doesn’t believe the message can be true. Caught up in their argument, their mortal disguises have burned away to leave them in their true forms. A circle of people now stand around, gaping at the two angels.


1 behir, 2 fire giants

Two fire giants are tying ropes around a behir. The behir is struggling, unwilling to give up its freedom. The fire giants continue grunting and struggling to tie up the behir, which they plan to use to pull their wagons. The behir is an intelligent creature, and while it doesn’t plead for help from the characters, it struggles and cries obscenities in draconic. Unless the characters attack the behir, it is not hostile to them.


1 mimic

A mimic poses as a bedroll, something to stow away in a character's pack. When the character with the fake bed roll lies down to sleep, the mimic doesn’t attack until the character is asleep.


1d4 + 1 chimeras

Chimeras are generally not team players. However, they have learned that they get more food and gold by working together. The pack decides the characters have enough gold to be worth the trouble, attacking with all their heads in all directions.


1d4 guardian naga

A gathering of guardian naga have come together to prevent a powerful object from being taken from its rightful place. One of the naga has been guarding the object for hundreds of years. When the characters arrive, the naga try to shoo them away. If the characters persist, the naga challenge the characters to arena combat. The nature of the powerful object is left to the game master but can be anything from a powerful magic item to a religious relic.


1 nalfeshnee, 1d4 vrock

For levels 11-13, this encounter should only have 1 vrock. Both the vrock and nalfeshnee are pigging out on humanoid flesh near an upturned wagon. This disgusting feast has the demons completely engrossed. The characters take the demons by surprise if they choose to attack.


1 djinni

Through the open doors of a large temple, a djinni laughs and juggles religious artifacts with little care for their value. The priests run around trying to catch them, completely ignoring the djinni in the middle of the room. The djinni seems surprised that the characters can see it but otherwise takes no notice of them.


1d8 mammoths

Two of the mammoths are young and have only 60 hit points. The herd of mammoths have been spooked, and are trampling anything in their path, which may include the characters.


1 hydra

A hydra has taken up residence inside the plumbing of a bathhouse in a city. It pokes its heads out of random faucets and pipes, snapping at anyone who invades its privacy. Screaming, robed humanoids keep running out of the bathhouses.


1d12 + 3 kobolds

The sewer slowly slides open to the side of the characters, and a horde of kobolds emerge. They shush each other, fingers to lips, and sneak over to a window with three large pies cooling in the window. They quickly grab the pies and retreat if the characters do nothing.


A patch of glowing flowers blooms in front of the characters. Each flower is multi-hued and seems to shift colors with every second that passes. The flowers have already entranced many, and they sit around staring at the flowers, doing nothing else. Any humanoid with an intelligence score of 8 or lower must succeed on a DC 14 Intelligence saving throw or sit and stare at the flowers until they are destroyed.


2 air elementals

A pair of air elementals are whooshing around a small, unattended campfire. Their movement is pushing the fire toward the trees, threatening to start a forest fire. The flames swirl closer and closer, starting a forest fire in 3 rounds if the characters don’t do anything.


1d4 + 1 wyverns

An entire group of wyverns, all have saddles on them and arrows sticking out of them somewhere, land on a hilltop nearby. They bed down for the night, seemingly unconcerned by the city surrounding the hill. If a character approaches one, it is docile and doesn’t attack unless thoroughly provoked.


With a flash, a body appears on the ground in front of the characters. Upon closer examination, the body is that of a dwarf in magical plate armor, with stab wounds along his middle. If the characters bring the dwarf back to life, he tells them a story about being in another plane of existence.


1 androsphinx

The androsphinx is guarding the entrance to an odd cave. The cave can be amidst a city, or in the basement of a house; any location where a cave would be out of place. The androsphinx is plainly visible inside the cavern mouth and asks any who enters, “Two bodies have I, though together we are one. The more I stand still, the faster I run. What am I?” The sphinx flips an hourglass, and the sand starts running from one end to the other, “Better hurry!” A character who correctly guesses the answer (hourglass) is allowed to continue into the cave, where an important item is held.


A large black cloud, swirling and seething in the sky, starts raining toads when it passes overhead. A character struck by a toad is dealt no significant damage, and despite the great fall every toad lands on its feet and hops away.


2 knights

Cheering can be heard ahead from a large open area. It is ringed with fences, and two knights are charging at each other on horseback. They each have a long pole and are attempting to knock the other off. One knight gets thrown off directly in front of the character's feet and groans, bleeding from a nasty head wound.


The characters happen across a wizard's tower, which appears to be under construction. Large supports are being built under the window and spiral down around the tower. A wizard pokes his head out and yells something unintelligible, causing a green, spiraling slide to materialize on top of the supports surrounding the tower. The wizard jumps on, yelling, “Wheeee!” the entire way down.


1 oni

A large, cloaked form runs across the path of the characters; it glances up and displays its yellow eyes and sharpened teeth. The crying of a baby can be heard coming from a bundle in its arms. The oni runs away, taking the child with it.


1d4 treant

For levels 11-12, use 1d2 treants. Suddenly the trees around the characters creak and groan as their limbs stretch out. It’s a group of treants waking from a winter nap. They ask the characters the season, wondering if it’s time to wake up. If the characters reply that it is winter, the treants attempt to go back to sleep.


1d4 stone golems

For levels 11-12, use 1d3 stone golems. The stone golems are blocking the way ahead. Any character who wants to continue cannot do so without defeating the golems. The golems can’t be reasoned with in any way.


1 dragon turtle

An enormous whooshing sound comes from a small pond near the characters. The entire pond erupts in a geyser as a dragon turtle claws its way out, mouth open and poised to strike. It rushes at the characters as quickly as it can, assailing them with everything it has.


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