Trancecraft | 5e Magic Items

Trancecraft | 5e Magic Items

By Chuck Blazer

Give your players cool new rewards with these 5e magic items! Feel free to customize these 5e magic items as desired to fit your and your players' playstyle.

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Elven seers once practiced tranceweaving, the now-forbidden art of intertwining elven trance and material forms to manifest artifice from the ephemeral cosmic essence of what humans call “dreams.”

Glyph of Dreaming

Wonderous item, rare (requires attunement by an elf)

Originating from the dawning age of elvenkind, a primordial symbol is etched into a fragile shard of stone – a fossil of forgotten power and unknown potential.

While attuned to this item, an elf loses their Trance trait and immunity to sleep magic, allowing them to sleep and dream. Dreaming can be a challenging, frightening experience for an elf, but it can also be enlightening and cathartic.

Minor Portent. In place of the Trance trait, a character's dreams reveal cryptic visions of the future. When they finish a long rest, the player rolls a d10 + 5 and records the number. They can replace any attack roll, saving throw, or ability check made by them or a creature the character can see with this foretelling roll. The character must choose to do so before the roll. The foretelling roll can be used only once. After a long rest, an unused foretelling roll is lost, and a new one is gained.

Dreamseer’s Aperitif

Potion, uncommon

This cloudy blue syrup smells faintly of sugar and alcohol. When a character looks away and focuses on an object, the character sees something moving at the corner of their vision or perhaps a face staring back at them from inside the bottle.

For one hour after drinking this potion, when touching a sleeping creature, a character enters their dreams as an invisible, incorporeal spectator. The character witnesses the dreams from the creature’s perspective, experiencing everything the creature experiences. To leave the dream, the character must succeed on a DC 5 Wisdom check. If they attempt to escape and fail, they fall asleep in the real world and slip into a shared dream with the creature until they awaken naturally, or something else awakens them, whichever comes first.


Weapon (any sword), very rare (requires attunement by a creature that is not an elf)

Within 150 feet of a sleeping creature, swirling threads of dim blue light silently pulse from the tip to the hilt of this lightweight blade. The closer a character gets to the sleeping creature, their pulse quickens, and the light grows brighter.

This magic weapon gives a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls.

While attuned to this weapon, a character cannot remember their dreams and are immune to magical spells or effects that affect dreams, such as the dream spell.

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