The Devil Is in the Details Foundry Module

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The Devil Is in the Details Foundry Module

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The hells are a neat and orderly operation. For all the evil that takes place there, they are above all else lawful. Everything happens in lockstep; everything is all carefully controlled and orchestrated by its absolute master. In fact, the only place in the planes that might be more orderly is Mechanus itself. Or at least, that’s what they would have you believe. . .

The truth of the matter is, as with all things in the hells, more complicated. There exist those who defy the natural order and, despite their lawful nature, rebel against the system. Of course, they have their own system and can’t fully escape the clutches of their nature, but they do exist very much outside of the standard array of happenings in the hells.

Such is the case of the Diabris, an offshoot of devils that have united under the mighty Eiseth. Though she hasn’t attained the same status as Asmodeus, she commands her devils with the same level of authority. They exist in a space between spaces; this space gives them the freedom they need to wage their battles for survival. Unfortunately, they’re not able to simply stay hidden away and they sometimes need to act.

Such a need often brings them into conflict with the various denizens of the planes. This time, conflict will arise when a group of adventurers—whether by way of happenstance or an unfortunate contract—gets set on the trail of the Diabris. Unfortunately, not everything that happens in a casino stays in a casino. . .

The Devil Is in the Details is a level 9 to 11 three-part adventure arc designed for for 5e and Pathfinder 2e (be sure you select the desired format from the dropdown menu). It contains the following:

  • Time to Toss the Dice- level 9 adventure
  • Dance with a Devil - level 10 adventure
  • When Fire Meets Ice - level 11 adventure
  • The Diabris Devils - ten new fiends

The Devil Is in the Details for Foundry VTT includes:

  • High-resolution tokens and complete stat blocks for each of the unique monsters in this adventure arc.
  • Highly detailed immersive adventure maps for all three adventures.
  • Journal entries for the entire contents of each adventure in the arc.
  • Scenes pre-configured with walls, lights, tokens already placed for game master convenience when running the adventures.

Time to Toss the Dice - level 9

A dangerous game is afoot in Paridor, with the games of the Golden Scale Casino at the heart of a controversial upheaval in the city council. Some claim that prominent city officials are the masterminds behind divulging targeted secrets; others worry that something more sinister is at play. . .

Dance with a Devil - level 10

Devilish incursions into the material plane are not uncommon, yet the ripple effects of the portal within Paridor have sent fear and worry throughout the city. Whose secrets have the Diabris devils compromised? Who will be exposed next in the chaotic machinations of these fiends? With uncertainty on the rise, the only place with potential answers is Vetlefar, a liminal plane of fire that houses a powerful accumulator of all the dangerous knowledge the Diabris have collected thus far. . .

When Fire Meets Ice - level 11

The Diabris devils have corrupted trust in Paridor’s ruling council, and the city’s fate dangles by a thread. Only the news that a Diabris artifact, the Planeweaver Stone, lies within one of their liminal strongholds offers even the slimmest chance of security. With no other options, a fateful adventure into the frigid depths of Nebhan, a land of water and ice, is planned to break the link forged by the Diabris and the material plane. Yet what threat awaits the adventuring party attempting so dangerous a task?

The Diabris Devils

Ten new fiends to tempt, burn, and condemn characters with:

  • Eiseth
  • Voidsworn
  • Umbral Devil
  • Umbral Serpent
  • Dorivun
  • Burgem
  • Null Fire
  • Nyx Walker
  • Shade Puppet
  • Agastul

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