The Raiders of the Meshken Wastes Foundry Module

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The Raiders of the Meshken Wastes Foundry Module

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Deep in the desert there dwell monsters that can only be described as legendary. From their proportions to their powers and even to their very origin, they carry a rare mystique about them. The people of the desert know that they are an ever-present danger, though one that is rarely ever seen. But to those unfortunate souls who live in Arenpet, that danger is about to make itself well known.

These monsters are the desert giants. They are a shamanistic people who make their living in the deep wastes of the desert. Among them are their mighty shamans and druids who command the very forces of nature within the desert; these fearsome individuals hold power over the temperature and sands of their home, and the greatest among them can even draw the water out of a living thing. And the most tragic thought of all: they are not even the most fearsome of the giants. No, the powers their chieftains hold truly shock those who witness them…

Regardless of their motives, regardless of their reasons, a tribe of desert giants is threatening Arenpet. If the people are to be spared from a certain grisly fate, a group of adventurers will need to venture into the wastes and confront these giant raiders.

The Raiders of the Meshken Wastes is a level 6 to 8 three-part adventure arc designed for 5e and Pathfinder 2e (be sure you select the desired format from the dropdown menu). It contains the following:

  • The Infiltration of Fort Khervor - level 6 adventure
  • Blazing Sand, Searing Water - level 7 adventure
  • The Mystic and the Chieftain's Strife - level 8 adventure
  • Dwellers of the Desert - ten new giants and beasts of the desert

The Raiders of the Meshken Wastes for Foundry VTT includes:

  • High-resolution tokens and complete stat blocks for each of the unique monsters in this adventure arc.
  • Highly detailed immersive adventure maps for all three adventures.
  • Journal entries for the entire contents of each adventure in the arc.
  • Scenes pre-configured with walls, lights, tokens already placed for game master convenience when running the adventures.

The Infiltration of Fort Khervor - level 6

From the blistering sands of the Meshken Wastes, the dreaded giant raiders known as the Simoom Raiders have issued an ultimatum to the remote settlement Arenpet: remove themselves from wherever the desert sands touch or face annihilation. The raiders returned to their fortress to grant Arenpet an opportunity to withdraw within half a fortnight; however, instead of fleeing, the settlement has called for adventurers to launch a preemptive assault on the fort. Yet time, like sand through an hourglass, is steadily running out for the isolated town. . .

Blazing Sand, Searing Water - level 7

The immediate threat posed by the Simoom Wolves has been dealt with, and the raiders are reeling from their defeat at Fort Khevor. Yet news has come to Arenpet of a more sinister threat: a mystic with the ability to spread the desert across the land. With this new power revealed, a new mission to eliminate the mystic is planned before he can extend the desert to the entire region.

The Mystic and the Chieftain's Strife - level 8

The Simoom Wolves have faced defeat after defeat and are reeling, and the clear cause that united them has begun to waver. As news of the failures reaches Seket and Grimorg at Warlord’s Repose, the final raiders’ stronghold, they turn their attention toward preserving their control over the faltering organization. An animal is most deadly when it is cornered, and the Simoon Wolves now have two—both of whom have their sights set on Arenpet once the dust settles between them.

Dwellers of the Desert

Ten new desert giants and beasts of the desert to squash, blast, and bite characters with:

  • Desert Giant
  • Desert Giant Chieftain
  • Desert Giant Shaman Apprentice
  • Desert Giant Heat Shaman
  • Desert Giant Sand Shaman
  • Desert Giant Water Shaman
  • Desert Giant Tamer
  • Desert Giant Warrior
  • Desert Giant Monitor
  • Desert Giant Winder

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