Maritime & Madness - Lair Magazine #24, December 2022 Issue

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Maritime & Madness - Lair Magazine #24, December 2022 Issue


This digital product contains the following 5e-compatible game master resources:

Sailing the Seas | Ship and Naval Combat Ruleset - This maritime supplement includes rules for ship and crew components, crafting unique ships, roles for crewing a ship, and ship-to-ship combat.

Into the Briny Deep | New Monsters - Eleven new water-based creatures to terrorize characters with, ranging from CR 1/4 to CR 9. The blood coral, giant carnivorous anemone, giant water strider, gnevlem, gnevlem fang shaman, gnevlem shoal pacer, kelp demon, longshore chimera, reef giant, stygian devil, and trigonaut.

The Depths Hunger | Encounters - Five encounters, designed for levels eight to ten, and featuring the new Into the Briny Deep creatures. Includes digital maps.

The Seas of Tasslebrook Adventure Arc - Three adventures designed to played sequentially, featuring the new Into the Briny Deep creatures, and designed for parties level eight through ten.

The Rescue of The Blind Renegade - Level-8 fifth-edition adventure.
Trade has dried up in Tasslebrook. Goods no longer flow in and out of the port, and people are starting to get worried as their livelihoods disappear. Fortunately, one crafty gnome has a plan for what to do about it.

Problems of Piracy - Level-9 fifth-edition adventure.
Pirates are a constant threat on the open waters. Anywhere that the law cannot reach but a ship can, pirates will be found. While they are all evil in their own way, and some are even quite powerful, a rare few rise above the rest. And when these few rise above the rest, some will strike a deal with them. And that deal must be broken if there is to be any hope for those who wish to set sail.

Into the Depths - Level-10 fifth-edition adventure.
All quests have a conclusion. Sometimes, the conclusion is obvious to those going on the adventure; other times, the reasons for the trouble are a complete surprise. Such is the case with one giant who has taken it upon himself to usurp the natural order. Alas, as with all quests, there are adventurers ready to go on them, regardless of whether the
conclusion is obvious.

Digital Files You Get

  • Full-Color PDF and Print-Friendly PDF
  • Image files for all maps, both GM and player versions

This is a 100% digital product. After purchase, you'll receive an email with a link where you can download the files.

About Lair Magazine

Lair Magazine is a monthly 100% fifth-edition-compatible publication full of GM resources such as 5e adventures, digital maps, traps, puzzles, monstrs, encounters, magic items, and more. If you'd like to get a new issue of Lair Magazine every month -- in addition to other bonus content such as Map Packs and more 5e adventures -- become a DM Lair patron here: The DM Lair Patreon

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