Ambition's Everlasting Flame Foundry Module

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Ambition's Everlasting Flame Foundry Module

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The Everflame Palace has stood empty for several years at the base of Mount Everflame. Since the Indomitable Seven’s legendary battle against an ancient dragon within the mountain hall a few years ago, neither dragon nor heroes have been seen, and rumors swirl of a vast hoard waiting for ownership. Many have sought the treasure, with nary a soul stepping within its gloomy halls and returning to tell the tale. Yet a mysterious noblewoman has stepped forward, claiming to have seen the treasure herself. All she needs is a capable band of adventurers who will help her transfer the valuables to a new site, for which their names shall become legends. . .

Ambition's Everlasting Flame is a level thirteen adventure designed for 5e and Pathfinder 2e (be sure you select the desired format from the dropdown menu). It contains the following Foundry VTT features:

  • High-resolution tokens and complete stat blocks for each of the unique monsters in this adventure.
  • Highly detailed immersive adventure map for the adventure.
  • Journal entries for the entire contents of the adventure.
  • Scenes pre-configured with walls, lights, and tokens already placed for game master convenience.

Adventure Background

An adventuring party, the Indomitable Seven, inherited a grand palace at the base of Mount Everflame. However, in their eagerness to expand their elegant home, they unwittingly disturbed Viglimar, an ancient red dragon who resided within the mountain’s heart. Enraged, the beast fought against the adventuring party, slaying all save one: Ainsley Navarre. This survivor struck a final blow against the beast, but as Viglimar’s life faded, he cursed her to live the remainder of her life as a weredrake as one final act of cruelty.

In the following years, the region surrounding Mount Everflame avoided the heroic adventurers’ palace due to rumors of hauntings. Some tales claimed that the palace was now home to monstrous draconic people, others that spider-like creatures inhabited the building. Regardless, there is one thing that everyone agrees upon: any who dared roam into the area disappeared.

Throughout this entire time, Ainsley—now identifying herself as Siovahn—has had her mind poisoned by Viglimar’s evil. Driven by her natural desire to become a legend—a craving augmented by her lycanthropic curse—she focuses on making the mountain’s nearby residents quiver in fear at her name. Taking the guise of a curator of artifacts and treasures traveling through Tannegald, Siovahn seeks adventurers to lure to the palace. The grander the adventurers’ reputation, the greater she imagines her own legend shall grow once she obliterates them.

Featured Creatures

This adventure features the following creatures: drider, ghost, kobold, weredrake†, werespider†, werespider drone†, werespider infiltrator†, werewyrm†.

New creature included with the adventure.


Ambitions Everlasting Flame Screenshot
Ambitions Everlasting Flame Screenshot

Activation and Installation

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