Fate of the Dragon Queen Foundry Module

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Fate of the Dragon Queen Foundry Module

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Life after life is naturally an interesting concept. But when two bonded souls are unjustly ripped apart and vow to reunite no matter the cost, horrific becomes more fitting. Some call it fate, others a frightening fable. I know not which side I’m on, but if the stories are true, gods save us all. And my sincerest condolences to the puppeteers of fate.

Fate of the Dragon Queen is a level fourteen adventure designed for 5e and Pathfinder 2e (be sure you select the desired format from the dropdown menu). It contains the following Foundry VTT features:

  • High-resolution tokens and complete stat blocks for each of the unique monsters in this adventure.
  • Highly detailed immersive adventure map for this adventure.
  • Journal entries for the entire contents of the adventure.
  • Scenes pre-configured with walls, lights, and tokens already placed for game master convenience.

Adventure Background

Nearly a century ago, a simple town maiden named Almadorna stumbled across a gorgeous clearing in the woods while picking flowers to sell at the market. Unbeknownst to her, the clearing was claimed by a young green dragon. The dragon, entranced by her unusual nature, allowed her to stay and peacefully watched her from the treetops. One day, after hearing the men of the town planning to slay the dragon for parts, she ran out to the clearing, hoping to find it first and warn it to leave. During the interaction, the men found the pair and fired shots at the dragon, narrowly missing the woman. The dragon, curiously protective of the Almadorna, slew the men easily and returned to the woman’s side. From then on, they were inseparable.

Almadorna never returned to the town but lived in the clearing with her dragon for nearly a decade, unbothered—until they showed up, the so-called “adventurers.” Waves of them were sent from all over to slay the dragon, but none had yet managed to survive the attempt. One day—a day eventually noted in ancient prophecies—a new group of particularly capable attackers arrived without warning. In the final attack, the dragon was nearly dead before long—but the attackers made one grave mistake: a misfired spell hit the woman square in the chest and killed her instantly. Feeling nothing but the rawest form of hatred and despair, the dragon slayed the group in seconds. It was then that the dragon decided he wouldn’t accept this outcome.

He sought every source possible to discover a way to get his Almadorna back. Eventually, this grew into a following that vowed to help him in this quest in return for his power and protection. Finally, after decades of searching for any trace of an answer, a mage, a leader in his following, discovered a string of ancient magic that seemed to point to Almadorna’s fate. It involved a complex web of the theory of reincarnation, the study of bonded souls, and a series of prophecies pointing to reuniting the two. Through this, the group determined that a woman named “Marvella,” the new queen of Felmnier Kingdom, was Almadorna’s reincarnation. So, they set off and stationed themselves near the kingdom to plan their next move.

Meanwhile, in the Felmnier castle, Queen Marvella has been newly crowned after an arranged marriage to the long-reigning king. The queen remained guarded at all hours, but one night, fate had something new in store. Somehow, a group of tall, cloaked figures got past her guards and stole her in the night. No one knows who or what took her, but one thing is for sure: the king wants her back. Now.

With Marvella’s safety in question, her father, the mayor of a major neighboring trade city, threatens to boycott and cut off all ties with Felmnier Kingdom. If this happens, other settlements may begin asking questions and ruin the empire King Elric is attempting to create. There is a large bounty on the unknown culprit, with promised riches to anyone capable of returning the queen alive.

Featured Creatures

This adventure features the following creatures: adult green dragon, commoner, mage, noble, stone golem, veteran, weredrake†, werewyrm†.

New creature included with the adventure.


Fate of the Dragon Queen Screenshot   
Fate of the Dragon Queen Screenshot

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