Marvels & Moonlight - Lair Magazine #39, March 2024 Issue

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Marvels & Moonlight - Lair Magazine #39, March 2024 Issue

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This 61-page digital product--available for both 5e and Pathfinder 2e--contains the following game master resources: traps, monsters, encounters, and adventures for levels 4 through 5.

When you purchase this resource, you'll get everything below:

Dangers on the Mount - Ten hazards-of-the-mountain traps ranging for all levels of play and featuring both simple and complex traps.

Alpine Adversaries | Monsters - Ten new frigid foes to challenge players with: red lichen, krummholz, dire chinchilla, alpine goat, smoke wolf, tundra ghost, summit hiker, summit mountaineer, echo mocker, and altitude elemental.

Alpine Encounters - Five encounters, designed for levels 4 to 5, and featuring the new Alpine Adversaries monsters. Includes digital maps..

The Kyaverite Ascent Adventure Arc - Three adventures designed to played sequentially, featuring the Alpine Adversaries monsters, and designed for parties level 4 through 5. The three adventures are detailed below.

The Kyaverite Cavern - Level-4 adventure.
A cave of mysteries. Missing researchers. And sinister forces. What more could an adventuring party ask for? Oh, yes, how could we forget the pure unbridled chaos of a substance designed to break reality itself.

Treacherous Ascent - Level-5 adventure.
Not every journey up a mountain can be a calm and peaceful experience. Sometimes, it is going to be treacherous, dangerous, and perhaps just a bad idea. There are dangers on the mountain that some people seek, some people fear, but everyone who passes through them must handle.

The Temple of Kyav - Level-5 adventure.
Finally, our heroes have reached the summit of the mountain. They stand before an imposing structure that towers over the world; a structure that contains more mysteries than answers but one that is nevertheless impossibly important to the fate of the world.

Digital Files You Get
  • Full-Color PDF and Print-Friendly PDF
  • Image files for all maps, both GM and player versions

This is a 100% digital product. After purchase, you'll receive an email with a link where you can download the files.

About Lair Magazine

Lair Magazine is a monthly publication full of GM resources such as adventures, digital maps, traps, puzzles, monsters, encounters, magic items, and more. Lair Magazine comes in two versions, one for 5e and one for Pathfinder 2.

If you'd like to get a new issue of Lair Magazine every month -- in addition to Map Packs full of digital maps and other patron benefits -- become a DM Lair patron here: The DM Lair Patreon

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